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Created for Super Game Pack I.

A bear, not a typical bear, an emotional bear gets hungry and starts to cry a river. Then he realizes the fish in that river and jumps into water for a perfect meal.

As all bears, emotional bears are wild and hard to control. Use W and S keys to control left arm, Up and Down arrow keys to control right arm and move with A and D keys or Left and Right arrow keys.

Story, visuals, music by Efe Alaçamlı

Soundtrack is available on Bandcamp and Spotify.

A blog post about the development process.

(Currently having issues with WebGL port, so Unity web build is uploaded right now. Chrome users may not play the game on their browsers.)

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Published1 year ago
AuthorEfe Alaçamlı
Tags2D, bear, crying, emotional, pastoral, river, supergamepack, unity
Player countSingleplayer